We are still in Phase One” Analyst Awaits These Peaks in Gold!


BubbaTrading’s Chief Market Strategist Todd ‘Bubba’ Horwitz said, “Inflation is going to the moon; we are only in the first stages of this” and shares his views on inflation and the gold market.

“Many poor countries will suffer significant distress”

Todd Horwitz draws attention to supply chain issues that are frequently mentioned in his news Kriptokoin.com and this He states that for this reason, retailers have great problems in making money because they cannot buy enough goods to sell. “After the election, oil was $30 a barrel, but now it’s around $100 a barrel,” says the strategist, pointing to food prices:

All these prices, especially anything related to wheat, soybeans or corn, are much higher, since this Prices are also exploding.

Talking about a possible food shortage in the coming year, Todd Horwitz says, “If mother nature doesn’t cooperate and hasn’t by now, there will be food shortages.” According to the strategist, it will significantly affect many of the poorer countries.

“I think the price of gold will reach new heights this year”

Todd Horwitz, why gold is a defense mission against stock market declines and inflation

Gold is never a defense against stocks. This is a wrong name. Gold is a fixed asset. One measure here is a fixed asset commodity that is under pressure. Remember where the gold is. It was under $1,800. It has now risen to almost $1,900 and is close to $2,000.

The Strategist states that he has a bullish outlook on gold prices. According to Todd Horwitz, who thinks that gold will find a base and do what he always does, it will rise over time. The strategist expresses his views in the following form:

We cannot look at markets from second to second depending on what they are compared against or what will drive them. You’re in a bit of a panic right now and everybody’s selling. I think gold will reach new heights this year.

Should physical or paper gold be taken?

In this inflationary macro environment, Todd Horwitz points out that people are looking for places to invest their money and advises:

I am a big advocate of buying gold. I think you should be able to buy what you can afford and then store or receive. I think paper gold (paper certificates used in place of physical gold) has caused many of these huge fluctuations. There isn’t enough gold in the world to cover all the papers out there. If I were looking for a long-term custodial investment, I would never have had paper gold.

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