This Metaverse Coin Announces Its Massive Investment!


Global Blockchain enterprise platform Limitless has received a $12.5 million investment from Next Earth to support a new upcoming win-to-play metaverse game. The related metaverse coin project has sold over 400,000 virtual land NFTs since August 2021, leveraging the earth’s surface as a starting point for the project.

$12.5 million giant metaverse investment from Next Earth

Limitless accepts $12.5 million in funding from Next Earth to establish a strategic subsidiary. Thus, a valuable step was taken in the construction of new projects for Limitless, Next Earth and the metaverse as a whole. Next Earth believes this investment will help foster a healthy metaverse economy and allow new companies to flourish and users to enjoy all that virtual reality has to offer. The official Twitter account about the investment said:

Next Earth is ready to take the metaverse to the next level with Limitless Holding.

Limitless, the global Blockchain enterprise platform, and the metaverse project Next Earth. the group behind it formed a true play-and-win collaboration with Next Earth for the two companies to achieve even greater success. Limitless sees Next Earth as a credible system integration resource and assists in the development of the project’s service provider platform. Next Earth recognizes Limitless as a valuable strategic partner and offers valuable investment and assistance to enable their continued expansion.

What is the metaverse coin NextEarth (NXTT)?

Since August 2021, Next Earth has sold almost 400,000 virtual land NFTs. Virtual landowners can run businesses, join the metaverse’s DAO, and monetize the platform’s activities. Next Earth focuses on developing a self-sustaining metaverse economics before focusing on VR and user-generated content. Following the launch of NXTT, the business plans to release a series of NEIPs that will impact the future of the platform and serve as a roadmap mission. At the time of writing, NextEarth (NXTT) price is down 6% in the last 24 hours at $0.009747.

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