Investors Not Dogecoin: They Prefer This Chest Coin!


Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are the biggest chest projects in the cryptocurrency market. They are seeing increased adoption from giant companies around the world following the exponential growth in 2021. Well, have you ever thought that Shiba might be more popular than Dogecoin now?

Research shows UK investors prefer Shiba Inu over Dogecoin

A recent Google Trends study shows UK investors prefer Shiba Inu over Dogecoin . The analysis by evaluated information from Google Trends for a year and listed the most recognizable cryptocurrencies amid British investors. This analysis reveals that Bitcoin is the most sought-after cryptocurrency in 21 countries, outstripping others by a wide margin. Bitcoin remains the most recognizable crypto in Europe. The Shiba Inu continues to challenge the largest cryptocurrencies by country…

The analysis sees a significant increase in Shiba Inu searches over the past year. In terms of search traffic, investors in the United Kingdom, one of the 21 countries analyzed, preferred chest coins over Bitcoin. The Shiba Inu has won in the UK and six other countries (Suisse, France, Spain, Ukraine, Italy and Russia). With this, SHIB became the second most recognizable currency in Europe.

This pushed Shiba Inu above the brand new chest coin Dogecoin, which ranks fifth on the list after Ethereum and Cardano.

Doge recognized amid US investors

While Shiba Inu is more popular amid UK investors than Dogecoin, it is not at the top of every ranking. Dogecoin is still the most recognizable cryptocurrency worldwide. The US has been a hotbed for Dogecoin and has not backed down. A new US study shows that Dogecoin is still the obvious choice for American investors. Shiba Inu was the most recognized cryptocurrency in seven of the 50 states, while Dogecoin was the most popular in 23 states.

However, the prices of both cryptocurrencies fell from their all-time highs. As , Dogecoin lost 80% of its ATH level of $0.74 on May 8. Shiba Inu’s ATH fell 73.37% from $0.0008 on Oct. 28. They are still vying for digital dominance. As the communities behind these cryptocurrencies typically overlap, their values ​​tend to move in stride.

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