Eyes On These 8 Altcoins: Entering 2 New Exchanges!


Singapore-based stock market giant Crypto.com is adding two small altcoins to the platform, both of which offer users the ability to earn through active participation. Meanwhile, Coinbase continues to expand in the cryptocurrency space, expanding its custodial reinforcements to various altcoins, including four decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens. Here are the details…

Crypto.com has listed 2 new altcoins

Crypto.com has added various altcoins to the platform. The first to be added; Step App (FITFI) is the move-to-earn project, a Web 3.0 fitness protocol that brings together training, socializing, playing, and earning cryptocurrencies. Crypto.com says that FITFI can be purchased using various fiat currencies. The project started in the fourth quarter of 2021 and received more than 113,000 registrations before the final beta launch. As part of the gaming side of the app, users will be able to purchase sneakers in the form of NFTs.

On the other hand, the exchange adds SplinderShards (SPS). SplinderShards is a play-to-win digital card game that allows users to participate in project management. The game has a monster-fighting medieval theme and appeals to fans of classics like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. There are currently over 500 unique cards in the game’s expanding library, while players can take advantage of over 60 unique in-game abilities as they wish.

New additions to the Coinbase Custody platform

Meanwhile, US-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase said in a new announcement that it has added six new cryptocurrencies to Coinbase Custody. As Kriptokoin.com , Coinbase Custody is a custodian for institutional investors with big money. First approved by Coinbase, Bifrost (BFC) describes itself as a council DeFi protocol on the world’s first Blockchain middleware, Kusama (KSM). Next comes Coin98 (C98), an Ethereum-based DeFi platform.

Coinbase’s custodian list also joins DODO (DODO), a multi-chain, liquidity-providing decentralized cryptocurrency exchange designed for Web 3.0. Coinbase also added Reef Finance (REEF), Metal (MTL) and Prometeus (PROM) to the platform.

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