Chest and Metaverse Coin Analysis: Those 6 Altcoins Are Flying!


Over the past day, the cost of the global cryptocurrency market has decreased by 2.3 percent to $1.86 trillion as Bitcoin and other altcoins continue to decline. Meanwhile, 3 metaverse and 3 chest coin projects were on the rise. Here are the ones that gained the most value in these areas in the last 24 hours…

These 3 metaverse coins experienced the biggest rise

Looking at the metaverse area, the most rising coin is ChainCade (CHAINCADE) looks like. CHAINCADE gained 58.4 percent in value. ChainCade defines its aim as “to be a mega player in this field by bringing with it the nostalgia of arcade games”.

On the other hand, StarSharks SEA (SEA) rose 30.3%. StarSharks is a community-driven shark metaverse where players, developers and investors can describe the asset evolution of key NFTs in a sustainable ecosystem. This project aims to develop and share the value of content with the community and disrupt the current GameFi world where assets are isolated in a single game.

Finally, in the metaverse area, The HUSL (HUSL) came to the fore with an increase of 11.3 percent. Launched in September 2021, HUSL allows musicians to radically change the way they connect with fans around the world using NFT and Blockchain technology. HUSL gives the creator back the power to interact on their own terms and at their own will.

Chest coins also gained momentum

Apart from metaverse coins, 3 coins stand out when looking at chest coins . First of all, Sincere Doge (SDOGE) gained 35.8 percent. According to their own description, “SDOGE, a token with automatic reward distribution, offers a unique, new and exciting way to invest confidently in your financial standing”. After

SDOGE, Shibaken Finance (SHIBAKEN) rose by 22.1 percent. As , the Shibaken token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain and went live on April 22, 2021. Finally, YetiCoin (YETIC) rose 9.8 percent. YetiCoin says it is a passionate project about cryptocurrency and fitness. The project aims to encourage people to sports and events.

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