2 Analysts Made Giant Assumptions About Bitcoin and 4 Altcoins!


Crypto analyst Justin Bennett claims that Bitcoin (BTC) and 2 altcoins will make more corrections before hitting bottom. Bennett also says that BTC could drop to $35,000. Another famous cryptocurrency analyst, Michaël van de Poppe, says that BTC must surpass $40,000 to continue rising. The analyst also explains his views on the 2 altcoins on his list. As Kriptokoin.com, we convey the opinions and analyzes of famous analysts.

Analysts draw attention to these levels for Bitcoin

According to the famous crypto money analyst Justin Bennett, Bitcoin The ability of . to hold highs depends on how the various support levels below the current price behave. The analyst said the following about Bitcoin.

I continue to think it’s a decent baht for Bitcoin to test the $35,000 region before it hits low. Of course, this will depend on whether the levels at $37,600 and $39,500 are held in the coming days.

Closely followed crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe is examining Bitcoin (BTC) against the US Dollar Index (DXY). Van de Poppe stated that Bitcoin will experience a rise in the near future, and the DXY chart also gives a bullish signal, adding that the analyst said that BTC must exceed the $40,000 levels to continue to rise.

The critical area in Bitcoin is $40,000. If this level is broken and reversed, I think $43k is next. The dollar is also close to rising.

Here are the 4 altcoins on analysts’ radar

Crypto analyst Bennet says that Ethereum, the leading altcoin by market cap, displays a chart pattern that shows it can drop to $2,500. The analyst says that Ethereum could rise by about 60 percent in months if it drops to the low he predicted, adding:

ETH continues to fall in a descending channel from its April high. It also fell below a short-term bear flag pattern the other day… The target of this technical view is to set the upcoming low at around $2,500. I think the probability of ETH retesting the $2,500 zone before the next upswing occurs is relatively high. If Ethereum bounces there and recovers from the descending channel on the chart below, I will watch the failed weekly level retest at $4,000 in the coming months.

Bennett also explains that he monitors VeChain and analyzes the altcoin project. According to the crypto analyst, VeChain’s mainstay is about 10 percent below its current price, but there is a risk of further decline. The analyst comments on the altcoin as follows:

The next key reinforcement for VET is the $0.044 region, which has been supporting VET since January. If tested, I would expect a sufficient bounce from this area. Presumably if BTC and ETH give us a relief rally this summer, VET could climb to $0.055 and predictably higher. Alternatively, a daily close below $0.044 will open the next key reinforcement at $0.035.

Michaël van de Poppe, on the other hand, expects a price drop for Ethereum rival altcoin Fantom (FTM) before buying. Finally, the analyst is also valuing the frequently mentioned altcoin ApeCoin (APE). Van de Poppe says the APE will experience a pullback before the rise, adding:

“Well, the APE didn’t give the input I wanted, but it’s in the profit-taking zone. If the price drops to the $18.40 or $19.30 levels, it could be considered a buying opportunity.

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